Casting, cast products

Casting, cast products

In our foundry, we mainly produce prefabricated, unique, small- and medium-batch machine parts and machine parts.
Our castings are hand-molded using state-of-the-art molding auxiliary materials.
In our mold-making workshop, we can make the most complex wood and plastic molds.
Our typical castings are: crane impellers, gear bodies and annular gears, drive gear housings, grinding cones, crushing mantles, breaker jaws, cable pulleys, rope drums, as well as heat-, corrosion- and wear-resistant parts.
Industries using our castings are: mechanical engineering, ferrous metallurgy, mining machinery, cement industry, energy industry, building materials industry, mill industry, automotive industry.




General information

Foundry foundation date:


Production hall area:

3.500 m²

Production capacity:

1.500 tons/year

Producible weight range:

5 kg - 3.5 tons/pc


the plant is accessible via road, rail, and water (port of Dunaújváros)


Main material types and producible weights

Material types


Castable weight

Grey cast-iron

Öv 150-350

5 kg - 4 tons/pc

Ductile cast-iron

Göv 450-500

5 kg - 3.5 tons/pc

Alloyed and non-alloyed steel casting

See table “Producible material grades”

5 kg - 3 tons/pc






Electric-arc furnace (IHF-3)

Nominal capacity: 3.2 tons

Sand mixer

Output: 25 tons/hour

Wheel-blast equipment

Semi-automatic, with conveyors, max. 3 tons

Heat treatment furnace

Effective workspace max. 8,2 × 1,9 × 3,0 m, max. weight 20 tons


Technical support


Heat treatment


Surface protection and packaging


Client Manufactured product
ARCONIC-KÖFÉM Rt., Székesfehérvár, Hungary Slag ladle, cooling beam
BS Metal Kft., Budapest, Hungary Mining industry equipment
Ganz David Brown Hajtóműgyártó Kft, Budapest, Hungary Drive gear housing casting
Ganz Energetikai Gépgyártó Kft., Budapest, Hungary Pump housing casting
ISD DUNAFERR Zrt., Dunaújváros, Hungary Grating, palettes, door and wall castings, cooling plates, chocks
ISD Kokszoló Kft., Dunaújváros, Hungary Coking battery door panels and frames
Kerámiagép Kft., Békéscsaba, Hungary Bearing blocks, chain wheels
KONECRANES, Hyvinka, Finland Cable pulleys
Mátrai Erőmű Zrt., Visonta, Hungary Breaking teeth for cutting-disc machines
METALNA,  Maribor, Slovenia Cable pulleys
Varga Flexo Kft., Hungary Frames of flex presses