DUNAFERR a Magyarországi Kohómérnök-képzésért Alapítvány

DUNAFERR a Magyarországi Kohómérnök-képzésért Alapítvány

DUNAFERR a Magyarországi Kohómérnök-képzésért Alapítvány

In 1995, DUNAFERR Rt. established a foundation for public interest purposes, acting as a legal entity under the name DUNAFERR a Magyarországi Kohómérnök-képzésért Alapítvány (DUNAFERR for Metallurgical Engineering Training in Hungary Foundation.


The goals of the foundation

  • The primary objective of the Foundation is to support the undergraduate and postgraduate metallurgical training at the University of Miskolc and the University of Dunaújváros, as well as the MSc level materials engineer training and, within this framework, the support of educational, training, research, and development programs and activities.
  • Support other undergraduate and postgraduate courses at the University of Miskolc and the University of Dunaújváros, as well as the activities of educational, research and development programs.
  • Contribute to the establishment, preservation, improvement and development of the personal and material conditions of education and training.
  • Facilitate education, support theoretical and practical vocational training and language training.
  • Establish scholarships – provided the assets of the Foundation make it possible.
  • Support the establishment and preservation of international relations and the study trips of students and teachers abroad.
  • Support research and development programs that assist training.
  • Pursue entrepreneurship in order to increase the wealth that contributes to achieving the above goals.


Public benefit activities

The Founding Charter of the Foundation was amended by the founder in 2009, and as of that date, the Foundation, under the provisions of Act CLVI of 1997 on Non-profit Organizations Article 26 (c) (4), in order to satisfy the common interests of society and the individual, has been performing the following activities. 


The operational system of the foundation

  • Applications to the Board of Trustees may be submitted by any university or college student, lecturer, researcher or other legal entity, as well as associations with a natural person or without such legal entity. In the case of applicants who are not in a student or other legal relationship with the University of Miskolc or the College of Dunaújváros, the Board of Trustees must exercise special care.
  • Applicants must apply for the first semester of university or college in the last semester of the previous year, but no later than 1st June of the current year, and for the second semester in the first semester, but no later than 1st December.
  • It is the duty of the Board of Trustees to ensure that the goals of the Foundation and the application opportunities are constantly communicated to university and college students and lecturers.


The Foundation has – during the recent period – used grant funds for the following purposes:

  • student scholarships and scholarship supplements,
  • supporting students’ foreign language training,
  • supporting students’ production practical training and study trips abroad,
  • supporting the functioning of student-civil organizations,
  • supporting the participation of teachers at conferences abroad,
  • contribution to the cost of maintaining the foreign relations of departments, financial supplement for the equipment modernization of department laboratories, workshops and computers,
  • professional days for metallurgical engineers,
  • faculty tasks: schooling, publications,
  • OMBKE University branch study tour,
  • PhD training,
  • Renovation of equipment required for education.


DUNAFERR a Magyarországi Kohómérnök-képzésért Alapítvány
Dr. Róbert Móger
secretary of the Board of Trustees

+36 (30) 343-7137