DUNAFERR Alkotói Alapítvány

DUNAFERR Alkotói Alapítvány

In 1995, DUNAFERR Rt. and its companies established under the name DUNAFERR Alkotói Alapítvány a legal entity of public interest for the more efficient utilization of intellectual capital, and to establish the conditions for the moral and material recognition of valuable intellectual creative activity.

The activities of DUNAFERR Alkotói Alapítvány over the past 15 years have been diverse in the field of technical sciences, particularly in the areas of innovation, networking and tradition preservation. The Foundation also functions as a kind of regional intellectual workshop and considers it important to raise awareness of the work being done here for the general public.

An important segment of the Foundation's activities is the operation of the application system, which provides a well-functioning framework for comparing, evaluating and recognizing outstanding activities.

The elements of the application system are:

  • Creator’s Award of Excellence
  • Professional Publication Award of Excellence
  • Professional Scholarship scheme
  • Awarding the titles of Chief Counselor and Counselor.

Recently, a number of great research topics, scientific papers, and professional publications have been published under the auspices of the Foundation, and a broad range of professionals have been introduced to their talented authors. The research has resulted in forward-looking improvements for the units of the Company Group. Achieving the Foundation’s objectives has greatly contributed to making DUNAFERR’s human resources as efficient as possible, which could continue to be one of the cornerstones of the company’s success in a constantly changing business environment. The activities of the Foundation contributed greatly to the revival of the scientific, technical, economic and intellectual life of Dunaújváros and the region.


The goals of DUNAFERR Alkotói Alapítvány

  • Promoting the intellectual creative activity of engineering, economic and HR professionals working for ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. and companies founded by it or with its participation, as well as creating and ensuring the conditions necessary for moral and financial recognition.

  • Boosting the scientific, technical, economic and intellectual life of Dunaújváros.

  • Establishing relationships that help to achieve the above objectives, especially with associations, universities, colleges and scientific societies engaged in engineering, economic and organizational activities.

  • The moral and financial recognition of creative individuals and teams engaged in outstanding engineering, economic and HR activities, and the preservation of traditions that promote technological progress.

  • Call for and realization of tenders for engineering, economic and organizational topics.

  • Pursuing entrepreneurship in order to increase the wealth that contributes to achieving the above goals.


Public Benefit Activities of DUNAFERR Alkotói Alapítvány

The Founding Charter of DUNAFERR Alkotói Alapítvány was amended by the founder in 2009. As of the above date, the Foundation, under the provisions of Act CLVI of 1997 on Non-profit Organizations Article 26 (c) (3), in order to satisfy the common interests of society and the individual, has been performing – Kszt. 3. Scientific activities, research activities.


DUNAFERR Alkotói Alapítvány
Sándor Jakab
secretary of the Board of Trustees

+36 (25) 581 303
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