Electrical equipment and machinery repairs

Electrical equipment and machinery repairs

Over 6 decades of experience, the staff and unique equipment and machinery of the Electric Repair Shop of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. guarantee quick and high-quality repairs of electrical equipment and machinery.

We provide services for our customers in the following 4 major fields:

1. Electrical machinery repairs

  • Above 10 kW
  • Voltage range of 0.4 – 10 kV
  • Mechanical and electrical repairs
  • Manufacturing of round and shaped wire coils and coil parts
  • On-site repair of large equipment


2. Electrical equipment repairs

  • Lifting magnet, magnetic clutch, magnetic brake repairs
  • Dry transformer and coil repairs up to 0.4 kV


3. Impregnation

  • Impregnation of stators, rotors and other coil elements
  • Insulation class "F"
  • With eco-friendly vacuum impregnator
  • Crane capacity: 15 tons
  • Size limitations: Ø =2400 mm, l=2800 mm


4. Diagnostics and thermovisual inspection of machines

  • Misalignment tests
  • Vibration tests
  • Balancing of bodies of revolution, rotors of electrical equipment under laboratory and/or on-site conditions
  • Inspection of electrical equipment with thermographic camera as well as combined diagnostics of rotary equipment – in order to avoid damages, lengthy outages and breakdowns


Our facilities

  • Cca. 5500 m² floorspace
  • We can be reached on road and by rail and have direct access to our repair shop
  • Cranes: Up to 20 tons
  • Round wire wiring machines, shaped wire insulating and soldering machines
  • Balancing equipment: maximum Ø =2000 mm and 2 tons
  • Kilns, drying furnaces, painting cabins, scrubbing cabins
  • Special sized vacuum impregator that is unique in Hungary


Maintenance Directorate, Electric Repair Shop
Tamás Czeilinger
Shop Manager

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+36 (20) 967 7442
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