Fe₂O₃ granulate

Fe₂O₃ granulate

Pursuant to Regulation 1907/2006/EC of the European Union, Fe₂O₃ granule (Fe₂O₃ content: 95-99%) is a product, non-hazardous material subject to REACH registration.

The producer, ISD DUNAFERR Zrt., performed registration with the effective date of 1 December 2010.

REACH registration number: 01-2119457614-35-0059.

In accordance with the REACH registration, the product can be processed and used in the following areas:

  • industrial production,
  • production of other non-ferrous mineral materials (e.g. mortar, cement),
  • base metal production,
  • production of worked metal objects (excluding plant, machinery and equipment).

Based on their applications identified by registration, further products made using the material may be:

  • base metals and alloys,
  • coatings, paints, joint fillers, bonding cements, diluents,
  • construction industrial preparations not mentioned elsewhere,
  • water treating agents.

A quality certificate is issued for sold products.

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