Hungarian Association for Nondestructive Testing

Hungarian Association for Nondestructive Testing

Shortened form: MAROVISZ
In English: Hungarian Association for Nondestructive Testing
In German: Ungarischer Verband für zerstörungsfreie Prüfung

H-1211 Budapest, Varrógépgyár u. 8-10.
Legality review body:
Prosecutor General's Office, Budapest

The purpose of the Association:
The purpose of establishing the Association is to bring together the professional and advocacy activities of its members in the following areas:

  • reconciliation, protection of interests,
  • professional information activities,
  • professional involvement in standardization,
  • organization and delivery of professional training, improvement of professional culture,
  • activities aimed at improving the professional training and certification of test personnel,
  • professional representation in international organizations.

In order to achieve its goals above, the Association

  • collects and coordinates the views of its members on professional and other matters affecting them,
  • conveys the formulated and coordinated opinion of members to the decision makers,
  • operates to create a more favorable professional, legal and economic environment, as well as legal regulations for material testers and enforce special professional needs,
  • assists in the development of the professional work of the members and in the spreading and adopting of international experience and new accomplishments,
  • organizes proficiency tests,
  • carries out personal certification activities,
  • publishes the magazine entitled “Anyagvizsgálók Lapja",
  • organizes professional conferences, presentations and courses; publishes written professional materials,
  • establishes and hands out a professional recognition award,
  • represents the interests of nondestructive material testers at domestic and foreign partner organizations.



Prof. Dr. Péter Trampus

+36 (1) 278 0632
+36 (20) 985 5970