Hungarian Association of Welding Technology and Materials Testing (MHtE)

Hungarian Association of Welding Technology and Materials Testing (MHtE)

The purpose and development of MHtE

Based on the provisions of the Company Law and the permission of the competent authorities, MHtE was established with the permission of using the term “Hungarian” according to the following founders objectives:

  • review, localization and development of welding and material testing regulations, guidelines, standards, and technical requirements;
  • defining the personal and material conditions and requirements of welding and material testing training and further training, organizing qualification and classification type examinations in accordance with national and foreign regulations, as well as organizing examination committees;
  • obtaining qualifications and certifications in welding and material testing, obtaining state accreditation, national and international accreditations, organizing qualification exams, conducting certifications, issuing and registering certificates;
  • harmonizing test procedures, methods, obtaining accreditations and designations for product and plant suitability certification, as well as conducting certification;
  • foreign and domestic trade of production tools;
  • organization of exhibitions and conferences, advertising;
  • establishing and developing relations with foreign professional institutions.



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