Information for the creditors of ISD DUNAFERR Dunai Vasmű Zrt. „fa” (under liquidation)

Information for the creditors of ISD DUNAFERR Dunai Vasmű Zrt. „fa” (under liquidation)

Dear Creditors,

The Municipal Court issued a final and binding ruling ordering the liquidation of ISD DUNAFERR Dunai Vasmű Zrt. „fa” (registered seat: 2400 Dunaújváros, Vasmű tér 1-3. company registry No.: Cg. 07-10-001049, tax No.: 11102539-4-07). The start date of the liquidation is January 5, 2023.

As a preliminary note, please be advised that the information contained herein is addressed exclusively to the creditors intending to participate in said liquidation procedure and a separate notice will be issued to the employees.

The appointed liquidator hereby informs the creditors of the company under liquidation that any creditors’ claims may only be notified by the means detailed hereunder together with all substantiating documents of said claims for which the required forms and notices may be found here.





  1. By electronic means (via e-mail) for which the creditor must sign the statement on electronic communication which may be downloaded from the website, and which shall be attached to the creditor’s notice of claims. The liquidator shall not accept and consider the creditor’s claims notified via e-mail without the attachment of such signed statement.
  2. By certified postal delivery to the registered seat of the liquidator as indicated in the company registry (1054 Budapest, Szemere u. 17. I/4.) or to the liquidating organization at 5000 Szolnok, Konstantin u. 51.
  3. Delivered to the company gateway of the liquidator (14048667#cegkapu).

The creditors are hereby informed that notification by electronic means is preferred (via e-mail) and are kindly requested to choose only one of the above means of notification so as to avoid any possible duplication of any documents.

The conditions of registering any creditors’ claims pursuant to Section 46(5) of the Bankruptcy Act, shall be as follows (with the exception of the creditors of any claims defined and detailed under Section 57(1) a) and c):


  • the creditor shall transfer a registration fee equaling to 1% of the principal amount claimed (at least HUF 5000 and a maximum of HUF 200,000) to the bank account 1003200001483013-24000004 of the Office for Financial Administration Office of the Municipal Court which shall be evidenced upon the notification of the claims. When making the bank transfer, the reference number of the court ruling No. 28.Fpk.5.804/2022/26 and the debtor company name shall be indicated,
  • furthermore, an administration oneoff fee equaling to 0.5% of the claim (at least HUF 5000 and a maximum of HUF 40,000) shall be transferred to HONORATIOR Kft. to the bank account No. 1174500424523172 kept by OTP Nyrt. When making the bank transfer, the reference number of the court ruling No. 28.Fpk.5.804/2022/26. and the debtor company name shall be indicated. 


Please kindly note that any creditors’ claim will only be registered and accepted upon certifying the successful transfer of the above fees in their totality.

The liquidator is available to provide further information regarding the liquidation procedure by telephone on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10-12 A.M at +3630-948-9724.

Please be advised that due to data protection and confidentiality obligations, the liquidator is not at liberty to provide specific and individual advice over the telephone with respect to the fact that the identification of the person is not possible and therefore you are kindly requested to make any such queries via e-mail.